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please know them, they will never change..

Posted in سیاست و اجتماع by Hatef Khaledi on نوامبر 15, 2009

We are partaking in a civilization that is a criminal civilization ; we are thinking, dressing, most of the time eating, behaving , adopting the ways of living proper to criminals ,we are identifying with a pattern of civilization responsible for the killing of 18 millions people . We are partaking in this crime, by merely writing and using this language , the English language ,we are partaking in this crime committed by the Anglo-Saxon pilgrims who ,enlightened , as they pretended to be by God, landed on the northern part of the newly discovered continent in the 17th century .

What happened when the ship called “Mayflower” carrying the protestant pilgrims reached the northern American east coast?.. history tends to deal with this event in a normal way; so many times , so many people have landed in a foreign place through history and founded kingdoms and empires that lasted for some time or for a short time ; but in this instance, don’t let yourselves be fooled, there is nothing normal or natural in the landing of the so-called White ,Anglo-Saxon , Protestant Pilgrims in the new world , because what happened after that had no equal in history..and is being repeated over and over. Maybe you are surprised and shocked by the existence of places like Guantanamo and Abu Graib and this is because you have not investigated properly the history of USA,and you haven’t looked deep into what constitutes the British Brutish Empire ; there is nothing strange or weird about Abu Graib or Guantanamo, they have their “legal” place in historical events, they have a history, an evolution , an origin, only blame yourself for not knowing, for not being educated and introduced to the origin of Abu Graib or Guantanamo or Forthood ‘ only blame yourself. Once you know , you can be safe , you can protect yourself, don’t ever think you can do something for USA.

He who tries to reform USA , he who believes in the “founding Fathers” he who makes them his reference, he who thinks of them with reverence is a fool; he who venerates the scientific discoveries of uncle Sam, who worships the technology and the modern achievements is a fool also. I tell you this : there is no remedy for USA, but there is a remedy for the fool who believes that things can change,or can be different and otherwise; for this fool, that is us, there is a remedy which is to be educated into how USA became USA, how was it established. The answer is , to put it in one sentence, that USA was founded on victims. The USA is nothing but a big , big cemetery. If you go there, and maybe you have been and seen, you will have the feeling that you are in a place in which lots of efforts have been exerted into making it look like it looks using lots of make up, you will feel that there is something wrong with the whole place, something that is not genuine or natural; it has a very sophisticated décor that has been put in place in all directions and the story that is being related on stage is also made up , it’s a fabricated story, like the décor itself , it tells about democracy, freedom, equal opportunity ,women’s liberation, progress, technology ,equality ,lots of words that sound so so nice; you feel you are in paradise, it’s a fool’s paradise of course; the whole thing has been set for you to believe in it. It’s a mascarade, a movie, a Hollywood production; all what you see is fake , and the story related to you is fake also, and the fake is used to hide the truth . The truth is that uncle Sam has killed and buried the owners of the place and has feasted he and his family on their remains, and sometimes eating their flesh and drinking their blood.

This is the ugly truth, but the ugly truth is better than a beautiful lie , don’t you think so? I think so, I don’t want to invest emotionally, educationally, culturally in a culture founded on criminal acts that are not accidental but have been, through history, coldly premeditated and executed by the lords of the place…from the biological war launched on the original inhabitants through small pox contaminated blankets to the killing, enslaving, dispossessing, torturing, scalping, skinning, raping, displacing ,evicting and expelling, breaking treaties and agreements, abducting and kidnapping , harassing and sacrificing , burning villages and crops, cursing and humiliating, and you name it ; there was nothing left that has not been inflicted to the original people who populated Mashika which is the real name of the new continent before the colonialist settlers changed its name into America , and changed its color into white and its destiny into tragedy. 18 million natives uncle Sam killed only in USA without blinking. And they dare denounce Hitler and they dare talk about freedom and democracy and human rights . You have to get to know them . Please get to know them , don’t let them fool your children ; know them to be the criminals par excellence; know Guantanamo and Abu Graib ;don’t ever let doubt creep into your mind, it is through this doubt that they will get to you and finish you ; please know them, they will never change..


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  1. soheil said, on دسامبر 11, 2009 at 1:17 ب.ظ.

    refigh shoma bejaye english neveshtan behtare beri ghaaz becherooni ya inke arabi balghoor koni chon in gonde goozia behet nemiad. olagh jaan vaghti englisit dar hadde gooze sooske chera vagh vagh mikoni be in zaboon :)))
    basijie madar ghahbe, to boro arabito zer zer kon

    dar zemn shoma ke be ghole khodet nemikhai invest koni tooye in culture boro gomsho too iran zendegi kon. goh mikhori miai too culture gheyre irani kharej az iran , terroriste ahmagh. hame shoma madar sag haaye amsale to ta pashoon mirese inja vagh vagheshoon boland tar mishe engar. to ke inghadr kos sher gooit khoobe va inja ham inghadr shaaki hasti boro gomsho too felestino soorie dars bekhoon bejaye norway

    kesat harchi minevisi booye khoono koshto koshtaar mide. key mikhai bas koni

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